Thursday, October 29, 2009

Into the simulation phase

Though we haven't yet finalized the proposed architecture, we are about to start some coding for simulation phase in parallel with the research so that we can have everything ready for simulation as soon as we finalize the architecture.

During past few weeks we were doing research on distributed system modeling languages and frameworks which we can use for our simulation phase. One such language is ProMeLa - a low level language which doesn't seem to provide enough 'simulation' (as opposed to modeling) capabilities as we expected. Meanwhile a group member found a framework named Monarc 2, which is written completely in Java and used mostly in the context of scientific simulations. Though the context was different, it seemed as it can be used for our purposes as well since it contained many of the core components we were looking for. So few of our group members are going to continue experimenting with it in the next few weeks while the others are continuing to finalize the architecture.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Latest News on epZilla

Yesterday epZilla team successfully finished the Architectural Analysis Document which is basically research of available existing solutions. And the team started working on the first phase of the project. Which is to develop simulation program analyze the suitability of distributed complex event processing architecture.